HeightIsKey was built by a man who had accomplished a dream at age 32. A secret uncovered that changed his life, that he couldn’t help but share. Height is one of the most common insecurities in the world, and in order to fix his own insecurity, he sought every method in the world. Countless methods and products later, that man, or, me, has achieved their dream. Growing from 5″5 to 6″5″5 is a laughable height but 6 feet tall? That’s no joke.

Want to be me? It’s pretty simple. It doesn’t come down to anything but perseverance when following the method. Your life will be changed forever.

A taller person on average earns more money and has better love lives than their shorter counterpart in the same job/general circumstance. Is that a coincidence? Hell no! It’s the difference of height. Don’t let just one aspect of you limit who you are and who you become. I didn’t. Women take notice of me at 6″ but at 5″5? Not a second look. One glance and they turn away. Who wants to date a 5″5 guy? Nobody, that’s who. Only the open-minded girls that are shorter than you are in your realm of possibility, is that okay to you? Life shouldn’t be limited by height, but genetics can be a pain. Our method teaches you  to overcome genetics. Genetics are but a part of life, it’s nothing you can’t overcome given the proper methods and perseverance.

This is Damian after 6 months of using what’s in the eBook

How bad do you want it? If you really want to grow 5 – 8 inches taller, you can follow our guide. Think 8 inches taller is too much? You can stop at 5! It’s a matter of choice. Height becoming a choice seems like a big joke, but it isn’t.